Jeanne leads a Gyrokinesis class every Monday at 11AM with the Kinespirit program at Steps on Broadway.

Steps on Broadway
2121 Broadway (Map)
3rd Floor

Between W 74th and W 75th Street
1/2/3 train to 72nd street

Private Sessions

Jeanne offers private movement-based sessions. She blends principles from Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis, Pilates, and her background in dance to craft a session designed to open new possibilities and potential in the student’s body. Jeanne's favorite definition of healthy movement comes from her teacher Amy Matthews: a little bit of movement in a lot of different places makes for evenly distributed and highly adaptive movement. In contrast, a lot of movement in too few places, and not enough in others, is a set up for repetitive stress, compromised functionality, pain, and fatigue. Restoring harmonious movement brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. In contrast, stasis is blocked movement; movement that is blocked represents potential energy. When blocked energy is allowed to flow, potential for transformation is unleashed. Even issues that may not seem related to the physical structure-- insomnia, mood, hormonal health, fertility-- can be improved through attention to healthy movement patterns.